Beautifully Unique

When I was a kid, I always joined academic competitions and probably I inherited my parents’ studiousness and had maintained honors until high school. Spelling bees, quiz bees, declamation, journalism contest and even poster or slogan-making contests, I participated in such activities. Then there was this day that a muse was elected to represent the class, but I wasn’t chosen because I am too short. So, instead of dreaming to be a muse, I rather chose music, arts and dance clubs.

There I unleashed my potential to the fullest and tried hard to become the head. I also assigned as editorial cartoonist of our batch and editorial writer the following year.

One day I saw a marching band and what caught my attention was the flag bearer. I wished to be like her someday, having a glassy white skin, tall height and long-legged. Her hair bounced as she stomped her feet with the music. To be honest, I had may insecurities as I grow older. I brought them until I got in high school.

Puberty hit me bad. I had many pimples, eyebags because of too much reading and a skinny body. That made me hate myself more and focused on my studies. I just ignored how the boys in our class fascinated with the beauties in our campus.

While I was busy with academics, I revived my artistic soul. I participated in some dance groups and dance workshops at school. This time, I let myself free from my insecurities and flaws and started to accept what I am. It was hard specially there were people who really put me down. But, when I stepped into college, I discovered more potentials from myself.

I learned how to fix myself to look more pleasing and being in a relationship really boosted my confidence. I got time to prepare myself so that my boyfriend (ex-boyfriend now) would be glad to see me like that. But I was wrong, I should’ve not done things for them, it was not my job to look pleasing for them. Heartbreak came, and I cut my own hair.

I lost so much weight and I became so lousy. I was not interested to any romantic relationships that time. I had my haircut every month. I remember the last time I had my pixie cut was last March 28, 2018.

But, GOD IS SO GOOD! Everyday, he reminds me that I am beautifully unique. I am wonderfully made by God. What boosts my confidence? God, Myself, family and friends that love and accept me whole-heartedly. As what my arm tattoo says: Be Real. Be You. That beauty inside you will just show through your acts, words and thoughts. Swear, you’ll be admired for your simplicity, courage and being God’s child.

My beauty tip: (Let’s keep this a secret.)

Smile. 😊

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